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Things To Think About When You Are Ready To Buy

Keep in mind that llamas can be insured for a very reasonable price. But they are inherently hearty. My animals are all healthy and are good mothers with lots of milk and easy births. This is a genetic trait that is important in every herd.

I’m sure you can find cheap llamas but ask yourself why they are selling for so little. There is a reason. Good healthy, gentle animals will bring a fair price. I hear too many stories of first time buyers who buy an inexpensive animal only to have it die in their arms a short time latter. This is heartbreaking. Even if you don’t buy from me, do go to a reputable breeder who will stand behind the animal and will be there to help you with the learning experience. Llama are easy to own and quite enjoyable but only if they are gentle and healthy.

Avoid animals for sale at horse or cattle auctions. This is a dumping ground for problem llamas. The owner usually is not around and you will get no information that will help should the animal get sick. A $50 llama is no bargain if it is dead!


Don’t buy a bottle fed llama or one that is overly friendly. Llamas normally keep their distance from you and will not try to get close. A pushy llama will become a problem as it matures. The only negative thing I have ever heard about llamas is that a bottle fed llama will imprint on humans. As a baby they are so sweet you can’t help but fall in love with them. As they reach puberty they see you as another llama to be bred or to fight with. They become dangerous, trying to knock you down & paw you. Gelding them will not help and they must be destroyed. Obviously a heart breaking situation for an animal you have loved and nurtured.

Don’t buy an unregistered animal. There are usually reasons someone has pulled the papers or have not wanted to register it. These could include a history of genetically deformed births or a lack of clear tittle. Since the llama pool in this country is so small and so new, nearly every llama was registered. Lack of papers deflated the price so much that only those with problems were unregistered.

If you live in the south, avoid buying a llama from the north unless it is fall and it will have the winter to acclimate to our climate. Heat stress is a major killer in the south. Unfortunately, northerners don’t understand how hot and humid it is in the southern states. When they send llamas south in the spring they are giving them a death sentence.

Llama LindaI enjoy helping new people with their animals & will be glad to answer questions & help you learn how to work with & care for yours. Even if you buy from someone else, I will still help you as much as possible. I feel that the more knowledgeable people are about llamas, the better it will be for all of us in the business.

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