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Using Mineral Supplements

There are many mineral supplements designed especially for llamas. It is a good idea to offer them as it helps the animal stay healthy and make better use of the feed that it is given. Be sure to use the kind made just for llamas as ones mixed for other animals usually have too much copper in it. You won’t feed much so it’s a wise investment.

If you just have a couple of animals, ten pounds will last a long time.

It can be fed different ways. You can set some out in a pan and let them eat it free choice. I notice they will leave it alone for days on end and then when their bodies crave it, it will be nearly gone. The PG girls really go for it the last couple of months before giving birth.

I also sprinkle it on their feed everyday. (About a teaspoon per llama) That way I am sure they are getting what they need. Some days they will leave it at the bottom of the pan, other days they lick it all up. I do this as well as putting it out free choice.


In the summer when it gets really hot you will need to feed electrolytes as well. This and shearing is the main thing to do to keep them from heat stress. I put about a half teaspoon on their feed every day once the temperature reaches 90 degrees. You can use the type sold for horses and get it at most feed stores and llama supply stores. You can also offer it in water but if you do, be sure and change it daily as it will sour. You also need to offer a different water source that is plain water so that the ones that don’t like it will have a place to drink.

Llama LindaLlamas are pretty healthy but they will really bloom if given the right feed and minerals. In the summer the heat can be a killer so be sure and put out plenty of fresh water and have shade for them. Shearing is a must in the south and there are many people around who will come to your place and do it for you. Give me a call and I’ll direct you to someone who can help.

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