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Using Electrolyte Paste

by Linda Hayes, Llama Linda Ranch

The tube of paste was designed for horses weighing about 1100 pounds. Based on the weight of your llama, you should get 4 or 5 does from each tube.


Use when the animal is stressed or sick. It will put needed electrolytes back in its body. These help keep the chemical balance in the blood and muscles correct. This is especially important in the summer when sweating and drooling causes excess loss of water.

One dose may be all the animal needs. If you don’t see improvement in a few hours you can give more. I give two does each day. Ask your vet if it is okay to give yours more.

Application: Slide tube in mouth at an angle and press plunger until desired amount is applied. Try not to stick it straight back as it could go down the wrong way and choke the llama. You just need to get it in far enough that it won’t fall out when the llama opens its mouth. The paste does not taste bad so I have not had a problem with them trying to spit it out.

The best way to give any paste is as follows.

  1. With your arm around the llamas neck, use your finger and massage the upper and lower gums until the llama relaxes.
  2. Insert tube and give paste.
  3. Repeat the massaging of gums until the paste has had time to melt or be swallowed.

Llama LindaSome people have had luck putting it on their feed and letting the llama eat it that way. Let me know if you have a unique method.

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