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Tips For the Show Ring

For You: Halter Classes

  • Walk fast & in a straight line. (Llamas track well when they move out quickly.)
  • Look the judge in the eye & walk straight toward them. (The judge will move out of your way when they are ready.)
  • Look PROUD to be there. Smile!
  • Hold your hand up high.
  • Put your hand out to the llama’s side when the judge does a hands on inspection.
  • Space yourself at least one length from the llama next to you.
  • Keep your attention on the judge & move quietly out of their way so they can get a good view of your animal.
  • If you need to make a complete “about face” turn, be sure & turn INTO your llama so it makes a haunch turn.(Staying on it’s hind feet and thus collected.)
  • When returning to a line, walk through the line, do a haunch turn & step into place

For You: Performance Classes

  • Start by clearing the area so your llama is standing by himself. He will move out easier and make a better first impression.
  • Walk Fast
  • Loose Lead ( J loop) & hand held low.
  • Use subtle voice or body language.
  • Present yourself as a winner. Look pleased with your animal. Don’t give up, look disgusted or quit early.

For Your Llama

  • Walk Fast
  • Learn to walk in a straight line.
  • Stop square with weight on all four feet. Do this even if it is for a very short pause.
  • Walk next to your handler with your head up. No dragging.
  • Stand still when touched.
  • No sniffing or kissing others, it is considered bad manners!
  • Stand square while your handler or the judge moves around you.
  • Learn to pivot on your hind feet so you can make a smooth, collected turn.
  • Walk without balking or stopping to "potty".
  • Learn to walk out quickly from a posed position.
  • Follow on a loose lead & stay behind your handler. Never put tension on the lead.
  • Learn to take directions without any tension on the lead.
  • Keep your attention on your handler. No gawking around or humming.
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