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I enjoy showing the llamas to everyone and meeting new people. You are welcome to visit Llama Linda Ranch as many times as you would like. I'll keep you informed on events with llamas in the area. I usually have a few "loaner llamas" so you won't have to be a llama rancher to come have fun.

The following are answers to some of the questions many new people ask. Feel free to call me for more information. I love talking llamas!

Q. What kind of land & "set up" do I need in order to have a couple of llamas?"
The llamas do very well on rocky ground and would be quite comfortable living on land that can't support horses because of the rocky terrain. They will eat around the rocks and keep the place looking landscaped. Their favorite thing is to set up high on a ledge and watch the rest of the world go by. You only need a couple of acres, shade, water, and of course, shelter in the winter. They seldom test fencing & any cattle, or horse type fence will work.

Q. "My area is restricted to just two horses, can I have llamas instead?"
The industry standard is that 5 llamas are equal to one horse. This relates to the amount of food they eat & the stress they put on the environment. Most area sub-divisions will let you have llamas instead of horses.

Q. "Can I own just one or must I have several?"
Llamas do not do well by themselves. They require at least one "friend" of their own kind. Alone, they just don't act normal. They will be depressed & cry (hum) a lot. They won't be as much fun. If you have a goat or sheep, they will bond with them but they won't relate as well to your family.

Q. "Why is there such a big difference in prices. I have seen ads for some really cheap llamas."
The saying "You get what you pay for." is very true. There is a reason some llamas are priced low. Usually it is because they are wild or have developed bad habits such as spitting (Which normal llamas should never do around people.) If you can't catch and halter one, you certainly can't do the fun things like hike, show, and train or let the kids lead them around. Gentle llamas always bring more money.

Q. Why not buy a cheap llama to learn on and get a better one later?
LlamasSome may have health problems which a person new to llamas may not know about. (Dropped fetlocks, birthing problems & etc.) A fifty-dollar llama is no bargain if it drops dead. Cheap llamas probably aren't registered. Almost all llamas in this country are registered unless their papers were pulled for a reason. (Genetic defects or not paid off when originally purchased & etc.) In other words, it is "buyer beware". It will be to you're benefit to buy from an established breeder who will support you with help and knowledge after the sale. There are many in the area and I can help steer you toward other farms if I don't have what you want.

Q. Why buy from Llama Linda Ranch?
My llamas are all show quality which means that even if you never go to a show, you will still have an animal to be proud of, one that comes with registration papers and bloodlines with "braggin' rights". Offspring will sell for a price that will allow you to pay off your investment and help you make a profit. As a seller, I guarantee what I sell to be healthy & fertile.

Q. How can I get more information?
There are many organizations in the area that hold llama events. For starters, you might try the Rocky MT. Llama Assoc. at www.rmla.com or the show assoc. at www.alsashow.org. A good place to get more information is from the llama registry at www.llamaregistry.com.

Q. I hate to keep bothering you but I'm just not sure I really want llamas.
Many of my customers came and visited the llamas several times before making the decision to buy. That's okay. I did the same thing before I made the commitment to make llamas a part of my life. Llama LindaI want each of you to feel free to come out and get to know the animals as many times as you like. Even if you don't buy, I know that you will become a goodwill ambassador for these wonderful creatures & I will have the pleasure of sharing them with you.

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